Can You Change Hair Porosity?

How do you fix hair porosity?

5 Ways to treat high porosity hairProtein treatments.

Incorporating protein treatments in your regimen is important for high porosity hair to gain strength and not break as frequently.

Deep conditioning.

Sealing with butters or oils.

Using heavier products with natural oils.

Apple cider vinegar and aloe vera..

Can you reverse high porosity hair?

You just have to take extra care in styling your hair as well as know what types of products will work well with your particular hair type. … Low porosity hair is the reverse of high porosity hair.

How do you know if you have low porosity hair?

Signs Of Low Porosity HairYour hair struggles to keep moisture.Your hair doesn’t work with conditioners.You need heat to activate conditioners.There’s always buildup and dirt in your hair.You get more dandruff (clarifying dandruff shampoos for Afro hair)Your hair is too oily or too dry.You spend ages drying your hair.

What are characteristics of low porosity hair?

If you have low porosity hair, it means the structure of your hair doesn’t easily allow moisture to be absorbed into your hair shaft. This can make it harder for water to saturate your hair when it’s washed. Because this type of hair tends to repel moisture, it can also be more challenging to process and style.

What does high porosity hair look like?

High porosity or porous hair will usually have one or more of the following: a less than compact strand, a higher cuticle scale angle, or a damaged surface, full of ‘pores’, often with the outermost layer missing.

Is it bad to have low porosity hair?

Low porosity means your hair strands have a tightly bound cuticle layer that lays flat and tends to repel water. … If your hair is low porosity it can become high porosity over time with more mechanical, thermal, and chemical damage, so moderation and trims are important.

Is rice water good for low porosity hair?

Although the best one may be to stick a toe very carefully in rice water if you have low porosity hair. Again the caution is advisable because your hair may be protein sensitive. And rice water is pretty much a protein treatment. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it.

How do I test my hair porosity?

The Float Test: Take a couple of strands of hair from your comb or brush and drop them into a bowl of water. Let them sit for 2-4 minutes. If your hair floats, you have low porosity. If it sinks, you have high porosity.

Is low or high porosity hair better?

Low porosity hair has a tightly bound cuticle layer, making it difficult for moisture to penetrate (but also difficult for moisture to escape, once it’s in your hair.) On the other hand, high porosity hair has gaps and holes in the cuticle, allowing moisture to easily pass in and out.

Does low porosity hair need protein?

In short, low porosity hair does not need protein. Although maintaining a healthy balance between protein and water is key for strong hair, protein treatments could actually damage low porosity hair even further.

Can you have two types of hair porosity?

When we think about porosity, it is usually in terms of three distinct types, low, medium, and high. … Low porosity hair, conversely, has a cuticle that lays flat. Low porosity hair is more of a challenge to moisturize than other types due to its cuticle structure, but once it is moisturized, it tends to stay that way.

Does low porosity hair break easily?

These days, thanks to products like Olaplex, managing the inner workings of your hair strands has become an easy, at-home task. But it turns out there is much more than just building bonds and calming the cuticle. Low-porosity hair might be the reason you’re experiencing major breakage, or rough, brittle strands.

How do I make my low porosity hair grow?

Here are the best tips on how to grow and care for low porosity hair.Moisturize properly. Moisture is important to your hair. … Clarify the hair. … Steam for maximum hydration. … Use light oils that are easily absorbed. … Deep condition with heat. … Use the Green House effect. … Use humectants. … Avoid too much products.More items…•

Are eggs good for low porosity hair?

If you have super low porosity hair, then DIY protein treatments like eggs or mayonnaise, which contain the whole protein and work by creating a thick seal over your hair’s surface (rather than binding to the cuticle) are more likely to harm than help.

What oil is best for low porosity hair?

Top 10 light oils for low porosity hairSweet almond oil.Grapeseed oil.Argan oil.Pomegranate oil.Baobab oil.Apricot kernel oil.Safflower seed oil.Sunflower seed oil.More items…•