Sri Ganga Chalisa

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• Read Sri Ganga Chalisa offline after installed it.
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• Slight click the center of screen to open the basic settings of book contains Previous, Next, Catlog, Day/Night, Config and About.
• Book content is encrypted, nobody can copy it.
• Clearly browse any chapter title and content.
• Config: Define Font size, Line space, screen light turning on/off when reading, book basic information.
• Day/ night: the two reading mode allows readers adjust color to protect eyes.
• About: Check the basic information of current book such as Book name, author, category, description, etc.
• You can enjoy the illustrations in flipping page.


Sri Ganga Chalisa

In Hinduism, the river Ganges is considered sacred and is personified as a goddess known as Ganga. It is worshipped by Hindus who believe that bathing in the river causes the remission of sins and facilitates Moksha (liberation from the cycle of life and death). Pilgrims travel long distances to immerse the ashes of their kin in the precious water of the Ganges, bringing their spirits closer to moksha.

Ganga Chalisa is a devotional song based on Ganga Mata. Ganga Chalisa is a popular prayer composed of 40 verses. Recitation of Ganga Chalisa washes away all the sins from one’s life. In Hinduism it is believed that a holy dip in River Ganges washes away all the sins.