Shukrawar Vrat Katha

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• Read Shukrawar Vrat Katha offline after installed it.
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• Slight click any area of screen to open the basic settings of book contains Previous, Next, Catlog, Day/Night, Config and About.
• Clearly browse any chapter title and content.
• “Previous” on top screen location enables to fast flip to the prior chapter.
• “Next” on the bottom of screen enables to flip to next chapter.
• Define Font size, Line space, screen light turning on/off when reading, Shukrawar Vrat Katha basic information.
• Day/ night reading mode allows readers adjust color to protect eyes.
• Check the basic information of current book such as Book name, author, category, description, etc.
• Trigger valid links in the content.


Shukrawar Vrath Katha

The Shukravar Vrat Katha is dedicated to Shukra Dev (Planet Venus). On this day Santoshi Mata, one of the forms of Maa Durga is also worshipped. The Shukravar Vrat Katha provides many benefits including worldly pleasures. During the Shukravar Vrat an idol and image of Shukra Dev is worshipped. Devotees are advised to wear white clothes and use white flowers, along with avoiding anything sour.